Team Logo Ideas

At the moment there are two likely themes: Rod and Spanner The R&S crest is at the top of this page:

I was kind of proud of the celtic knotwork of tools.

Back when I lived in the Rod and Spanner, we did it counterchanged Red and Gold (yellow) with the con rod and the backgroud for the spanner red and the spanner and the background for the conrod yellow. Since my car is blue, we could also do it Blue and yellow.

One possibility would be to have the above drawing (it may need to be cleaned up) with the crest over the left breast, and just do it in monochrome yellow. Also in yellow would be: Rod and Spanner Racing
25 Hour Enduro
Willows CA,
Dec 4-5, 2004

And on the back, do a large crest with
"Rod and Spanner"
above it and

below it.

The other theme would be "Team Otter" because the car is a "Miotter". Maybe a drawing of a Miata being driven by an otter in an old leather pilots helmet, goggles and scarf.

Despite my racing under the "Team Otter" banner this year, I suspect that it would be more work, less visible etc.


Another thing to play with, is in racing a blue flag with a yellow stripe means "check your mirrors" often because a faster car wants to pass.

I was even experimenting with that as a decoration scheme in the car's first race.

We will want to do things to make the car more visible and recognizable both in the light and the dark. I've been thinking of doing the diagonal yellow racing stripes in vinyl anyways. A lot of teams did "clever" things with blinking lights, though it's possible just a distinctive headlight pattern will be enough.

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