Clan MacDude Beach Party 10-24-98

You've heard how exciting Y2K will be. Now's your chance to get a preview with CMD-1K. On 10-24(98) Clan MacDude will be having a beach party at Bonny Doon Beach, 9 miles north of Santa Cruz at the intersection of Hwy 1 and Bonny Doon Road.

What is Clan MacDude? Picture a combination of Highland Scot and Surfbum.

What to wear? Traditional MacDude attire is a combination of bright prints, loud tie-dye and garish plaid.

What will happen? Caber toss with a surfboard. Bonnie knees: best legs in a kilt (or shorts) / blindfolded judging. Fizzball (it involves cans of cheap evil smelling beer and large sticks). Pineapple football. Sand fortresses. Potluck picnicing. Burning stuff.

What should you bring? Food. Surfboards. Blindfolds. Potables (note that consuming alchohol on Santa Cruz beaches is illegal). Stuff to burn. Fizzbeer. Fizzbats. Bagpipes. Musical instruments.

Catnip MacDude ( will be the cat herder, so discuss any logistical details (who can bring what in the way of food, drinks toys, stuff to burn) with her. If you are email-challenged, she can be reached via phone at 510-654-9670 ***BEFORE 10PM***.

So pack up your caber/surfboard, polish up your fizzbat, put fresh ignitors in your gerbilators, tune up your bagpipes, roast a boar, spiff up the tie-dyes and plaid, expose your knees and bring a blindfold for the bonnie knees contest and let's party.

Remember, it'll be October, which means the weather should approximate Summer in Scotland, so be prepared for cold weather.

Remember, it is California, so be prepared for warm weather.

To keep posted on information:
Read the newsgroup:
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Sign up for the mailing list (details on the website).

Directions: Go to Santa Cruz. Go north on Hwy 1. About 9 miles north of town, at the intersection of Bonny Doon Road turn left into the parking area (marked with a bright orange plastic fence).

WARNING: Half Moon Bay will be having their Pumpkin Festival that day, if you would normally ocnsider getting to Bonny Doon via hwy 92, you may want to seriously reconsider. Perhaps take 35 down to 84 (at Alice's) then 84 to 1.

Tell your friends. The Party starts about noon and lasts until people go home.

If people can bring 9 smallish (4'-6') Christmas trees, we will have a lighting of the clan Menorah to take pictures for this years holiday cards. If you can bring trees, contact Larry Colen at or 831-335-7505.

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