Team Sports and the Cowboy Programmer

Premise: Being a "team player" in not a valued attribute in the geek community.

Premise: The traditional place for people to learn the value of being a team player is playing team sports, such as little league, or in P.E. during childhood.

Premise: The people who grow up to be geeks are discourage from playing team sports by their peers assuming that they are bad at sports and picking them last for any teams and putting them "way out in left field".

Premise: That Premise one follows from two and three.

"Does not play well with others". This grade school remonstration makes for a popular T-shirt with programmers and other technologically oriented sorts and reflects a common disdain for "team players" among those who identify themselves as nerds, hackers or geeks. Why is cowboy programmer who pulls off the weekend long hack revered and the team effort reviled even while the open source movement relies so heavily on team effort.

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Last modified 07/10/98

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