How not to defrost a freezer

During my last two years of college I shared a house with my friend Paul Kile. We called the house "The Rod and Spanner" and even had a very nice coat of arms:
Quartered gules and or a connecting rod and a combination spanner counterchanged.
One misfeature of this house was the refrigerator. The freezer did not seal well and would quickly frost up. When the frost would build up to the point that we could no longer put a pint of ice cream in the freezer we would perform the onerous duty of defrosting. One day I had a better idea of how to defrost the freezer. Or so I thought. My new technique was a resounding failure, but I did get a nice photograph out of the attempt.
I guess this is proof that I've mellowed out in my old age, it's been over fifteen years since I set fire to a kitchen appliance.

Last modified 01/06/98