Equinoxious Menorah Lighting

Prefabricating the Menorah at home. I had to use my Rx7 to haul lumber, a task for which it was not very well suited.

Building the menorah at the beach

The completed Menorah. The span was 27 feet wide, the base of the trees was about 6 feet high.


Burning the menorah


The trees were a bit water logged after being out in an El Nino winter for three months. We tried dousing them with lighter fluid to see if they

would burn any better.

The crew poses for pictures:

We were already covering Hanuka and Christmas on the Equinox,

why not go for Easter as well

The masses took offense at a few puns:

The gerbilator fires a pepsi:

High Resolution Scans:

Last modified 04/04/98