At a party I made a rather mild chilli, and put most of the hot ingredients in a sauce I called the ocatne booster. The octane boost ended up kicking serious ass. It's spicy enough that half a tablespoon was enough to give me an endorphin rush, yet it is really flavorful and tasty.

Octane Boost I (as I remember it)
Pureed chipotles peppers in adobo sauce (I think it was one large can)
Somewhere between four and six finely chopped habanero peppers
African bird Cayene (I dunno, maybe a tablespoon)
and I think it had cumin and possibly garlic in it too.

Octane Boost II
Wear latex/vinyl gloves during prep and fry up the following (I used olive oil):
6 fresh habaneros, stems removed, chopped up fine in the blender.
(you can use oil to wash it out of the blender)
3 fresh pasillas, chopped up (about 1/2" square)
an ounce or two of minced garlic
2 Oz package of dried Pasilla/ancho peppers
2+ tablespoons of African bird cayenne
5 tablespoons of cumin

(I would have liked to use a wider variety of large dried milder peppers, but couldn't find them at the store)

When the fresh pasilla has been fried down to soft, put this in the blender and blend it down to liquid, then put it back in the pot. I was using my Le Crueset dutch oven to cook them in.

After cooking this paste down some more, I took 5 of the small (7 oz) cans of chiipotle peppers and pureed them. I poured them in with the other paste and cooked it down some.

Octane Boost IV 080517
19 habaneros, blended in oil so they'd wash down
Fry/roast them in a dutch oven on the stove Mix in 4 oz of African Bird Cayenne powder Continue cooking and roasting until dry and roasted. Note: Ventilate the area well, the fumes can get a bit rough. Blend and mix in (15) 7oz cans of chipotles. Mix in 4 oz of cumin. Cook down, be careful to stir frequently or you will get "explosive bubbles" that splatter octane boost all over the kitchen.

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