Nervously waiting outside the Thai restaurant, Tracy checks her watch. It's a few minutes before seven, so he isn't late, yet. Despite it being "casual Friday" she wore nice clothes to work so she'd look good in case they happened to "click". Using her reflection in the window she straightens her red silk blouse, once again, adjusting it so that her black lace bra just barely peeks out. She smoothes the wrinkles out of her short black skirt which she bought at the same sale as the cute pumps she's wearing tonight.

He seemed very nice when the met over the net and later talking by telephone. She'd even seen pictures of him on his web page, but they were meeting in person for the first time tonight. She was going to quit going on bind dates with guys that she met over the net. So many seemed nice, but when they met in person, the chemistry just wasn't there. But, he had suggested that they meet at one of her favorite restaurants and, at the least, she'd get a good meal out of it. After a couple minutes, she sees him drive up. Much to her relief he actually looks like his pictures and hasn't gained fifty pounds and lost his hair since they were taken.

He is about 5'8 tall and, like he said, muscular with slight "love handles" His long wavy hair is reddish brown and pulled back into a ponytail. He has a reddish goatee and is wearing glasses, a loose fitting black cotton slacks and a light white cotton shirt. The top couple buttons of his shirt are unbuttoned and she notices that he has a hairy muscular chest.

He walks up to her, looks her over, and smiling in appreciation says "Tracy I hope"?

Suppressing a laugh she hold out her hand to shake but he turns it palm down, and looking into her eyes lightly brushes his lips across the back. "I'm starving," he says, as he opens the door for her.

After minor negotiation they select two entrees for dinner one spicy, one medium. At first the dinner conversation is on school, work, the weather. Safe topics. Suddenly, out of the blue he says, "You know, you're even better looking than I'd hoped". She blushes, but is thinking the same about him.

The food is soon finished. "I grew up not too far from here", he says, "I know a park a couple miles away, lets go there to talk". She thinks about it, and realizes that he is someone that she can trust. As for other people, he looks like he could do a fair job of protecting her from others as well.

She grabs a light coat from her car. The winter storms have broken and it's a beautiful night, but it could always suddenly cool off. She hops in the Z and they drive a couple miles down Williams to Starboard Park. "You know, this place was a lot bigger the last time I was here, twenty three years ago".

He grabs a blanket from the back of the car and the two of them wander a ways out into the field. As they walk, he puts his arm around her waist. When he stops, he lays out the blanket, turns to face her, and putting his arms around her waist pulls her closer to him. "There's something I've been wanting to do all evening", he says, and kisses her.

At first the kiss is light, almost teasing as he brushes his lips against hers. The kiss becomes firmer, more romantic. It is obvious that he is really enjoying the kiss, as is she. His mouth opens slightly and he lightly brushes his tongue across her lips. Her mouth opens and the kiss rapidly progresses from romantic to passionate.

As he holds her tighter, she can tell that he is quite strong. It also becomes quite obvious that he is also very aroused. After a couple minutes, the two of them lie down on the blanket and talk. As they talk, with his left arm as a pillow under her neck, he starts lightly stroking her arm. Then he leans over and kisses her again, while his free right hand lightly strokes her belly, the tops of her thighs, the outside of her thighs then, the inside of her thighs, but oh so carefully avoiding any place too intimate.

Then his hand strokes up her belly, under her shirt and, after stroking his thumb across her nipple, he cups her left breast in his hand. "Very nice" he says. "Enough to satisfy, but not too large".

Pulling her shirt up, he kisses each nipple. Then after licking around the left aureole, he sucks her right nipple into his mouth, while lightly massaging her right breast. After a few moments, he kisses her on the mouth again. She gasps as she feels the warmth of his hand on her crotch.

He reaches up under her skirt and she sees him smile as he discovers that she is not wearing panties. She feels warmth and wetness growing inside her. She spreads her legs a little wider and he lightly brushes the waiting lips of her pussy. Spreading the lips, his probing fingers find her clitoris. Starting with small circles that surround, but don't actually touch the clit, he lets the pleasure build before rubbing the clitoris itself. When he does, she feels the orgasm build, then crash over her in waves. When she is done coming, he holds her close, and kisses her under the stars.

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