Three year observation, 26 June 2004

Pictures from the party

On June 16th 2001 Sue Toorans and Larry Colen went on our first date. To celebrate three years of our oft changing friendship, we are throwing a party on June 26 2004, at "The Family Estate", Larry's house in Felton. The party will nominally start at 8PM, unless a band shows up and starts playing earlier. If you want show up earlier and join the merriment, you are welcome to. However, you also run the risk of being volunteered to help. Hey, we've gone three years never quite knowing where we stand, so why should the party be any different?

If you tell us that you are coming, we'll keep you posted of any developments.

Several people have asked about rides from San Francisco, Oakland, Portland and a few other places. If you need a ride, or can offer a ride, let me know and I'll try and put you in touch with each other.

What is going to be happening at this party? First of all, we're looking for a boyfriend for Sue. Her specsheet reads:

male, straight, monogamous, interesting, intelligent, fuzz-faced, compatible, delectable, realistic,... This someone should be a person you would be willing to personally recommend.

So, if you know anyone like that, bring him along.

If you're a guy and have a kilt or shorts, bring them, we may have a MacDude bonny knees contest.

THERE WILL BE DANCING. I have a dancefloor and know how to use it. Most of our dance music is either lindy/swing/blues or Victorian. If you have music that you want to dance to, bring it. I do have a bit of Irish music so if any of the ceilidh dancers want to show up, teach, dance, perform ... do let us know.

This music is ready to go if you have any requests, do let us know. If you'd like to propose setlists of the above, that would be great.

If you want to dance, but don't know how, let us know. If there is sufficient interest we may run a quick dance lesson before the party.

Jeff and Nissa Mohler will be bringing their gas powered blender for making margaritas and other fru fru drinks. So bring fru-fru drink supplies.

I will be firing up the half horsepower milkshake machine, so bring milkshake makings: icecream, malt, fruit, milk, cream ...

Sue is planning on displaying some of her sculpture, and will be promoting her upcoming solo show.

There will be food. I have a batch of omnivore chilli that just need a little thermal excitement. Time permitting I will prepare some herbivore chow as well. As always, you are encouraged to show off your culinary skills by bringing something woderfully decadent to share.

If you don't know how to get to my house, send me email asking for directions, and I'll send you a pointer to the magic URL. If you don know how to get to my house, please park in the pullout down the street.

I will try to find time to post details as they are known at

As always, people are encouraged to stay at the Family estate rather than driving in an unsafe condition. If you expect to achieve a non-safe status, please plan accordingly and let us know ahead of time.

If you can show up, or want further updates, send email to

Please park in the pullout south of my house, so that folks with difficulty walking, or folks that have to unload large objects, can use the driveway. When you park, please do so in such a way that my neighbors can get their own cars in and out as well.