Directions to the Family Estate

Address: 7522 Hwy 9, Felton CA 95018
Landline: 831-335-7505 cell: 831-818-7729
37-4.026' N 122-4.900' W
Google Maps

Short form:
(From hwy 17 Southbound)
Right on Mt. Hermon
Right on Graham Hill
Right on Hwy 9, go about 1 mile>
On Hwy 9 between El Solyo Hts Road and the "Twin Bridges".
On the logical East (downhill) side of the road, just south of
the "Narrow Bridge" sign at the 7.69 mileage marker.
For parties, I suggest that people park in the pullout just before my house (7420 hwy 9 by google maps) so that people with difficulty walking can park in my small driveway.
Do not park at my immediate neighbor's house.
If you pass the NARROW BRIDGE sign, you are past my house. It seems that at every event we have someone who passes my house, parks in my neighbor's driveway, and blocks him in.

Google Maps Directions from the intersection of Hwy 17 and Mt Hermon Road

>From San Jose:
Take Hwy 17 to the Mt Hermon exit in Scotts Valley.
Take Mt Hermon Rd until it dead ends at Graham Hill in Felton.
Turn right and continue as below:

>From Santa Cruz:
Take Graham Hill and Turn right on Hwy 9.
Or, if you like a twistier, more scenic drive, you can take hwy 9 from hwy 1 in Santa Cruz.
Or, just take hwy 17 North from Santa Cruz, and follow the directions above.
About 2/3 of mile north of town you will pass the highschool on your left.
Time to start waking up.
About a 1/4 mile further on, there will be a commercial building on the right, a bus stop and a church on your left, and El Solyo Hts road,
Really Wake up.
About a hundred yards past the commercial building, the road will turn to the left and there will be a large pullout on the right.

The pullout looks like:

If you are coming for a party, park here.
Do not block the neighbors cars.
If you are using a GPS, the address for the pullout is 7420 Hwy 9. If you are going to park in the pullout, it is helpfull to bring a
flashlight, the walk on hwy 9 between my house and the pullout can be rather dark
at night.

Walk north past the turn, there will be a driveway on the right, followed by a shed with a telephone pole, and mail boxes.
If you arrive after dark, the streetlight, immediately above the mailboxes, should make them easy to find.

If you are driving, slow WAY down after the pullout.

The front yard looks like:

If you get to two bridges in rapid succession, you've gone too far.
By Bus:
Take the 35. Get off at El Solyo. Walk north.

                        Hwy 9
                       |                             Hwy 17  |
                       |                                     |
                       | 5 miles                             |
                       |                                     |  Lexington 
                       |   Bear Creek Road                   |  Reseviour
                       |Cold                                 |
         |    Adelitas | or                                  |
         |             +Bleak                                |
         |   Brookdale |                                     |
         |-------------|                                     |
         |  Alba Rd    | Ben Lomond                          |
    vick |     crazy   |                                     
     dr  |     austrian|mini mart                   Legend:  
  -/-----|     Mt Cross|                                  +  stoplight
  /v     |            | |                                 *  the family estate
   e     |twin bridges |                                  s  shed by the road
   r     |            | |                                 c  carport
   d     |E     ex-gift\     *<-- The family estate      | | bridge
   e     |m        shop \   c-s   
         |p              -------\- pullout: park here
         |i                      \|                         to San Jose
   pine  |r                       \
   flat  |e         El Solyo Hts--|carpet store              ^ North
  -------|                 Church |bus stop                  |
another  |G                       |             Scotts Valley|        
geek     |r                School |                          |        
house    |a    Fall               |  Mt Hermon Rd K-mart     |        
         |d    Creek              |  ,----------+--+++--+----| Hwy 17 
         |e                 Hwy 9 | /            Mc Hell     |        
         |                        | |Safeway                 |        
         |--Felton Empire---------+-+---+-----------\        |
         |                        |      Graham Hill \       | 
         |                        |            Road   \      | 
         |                        |                    \     | 
         |uncle charlies          | Henry Cowell        \    |
         |summer camp             | Hwy 9                \   |             
         |High St                 |                       \  | Hwy 17     
         L________          South V                        \ |             
    Armory |Bay ave.              | Hwy 9                   \| Santa Cruz
<-North---------------------------Hwy 1------------------------South->

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