Camp Blues Dance Party

May 29th, 2011 7:30PM - ???
A celebration

Memorial Day weekend, Camp Blues, a four day intensive blues dance camp, will be happening here at the Family Estate: On Sunday evening, I'll be hosting a party here. There will be music, both live and DJ'd. If you want to play and/or DJ, please let me know. If you'd like to help out with any other aspect of the party, please let me know. Theme
If I go with a theme, it'll be Mad Science, help us put the mental in experimental

Bring clothes, lights, cameras, etc that look good in Ultraviolet or Infrared

After years of telling people how to get here with "You'll know you missed it when you get to the bridge" I wrote up a detailed set of directions that work quite well, if you follow them. In the Santa Cruz mountains every house looks different, so they end up all being the same. You can't see the addresses, so they don't do you any good. Follow the link below for my directions:
Directions If you already know how to get here, please park in the pullout South of my house, and please don't block the neighbor's cars.

Ride Sharing
If you need a ride, or can offer one, let me know, and I'll put people together

Dance Floor
My dance floor has been repaired and expanded.

Other events that evening
Unfortunately there is an unavoidable conflict with the Shades of Blues Prom that night. They say that time is nature's way of keeping everything from happening at once, it doesn't work.

Links to info about parties gone by.

More, some redundant, details to be edited later Dancing and Music
Since this party is happening in conjunction with Camp Blues there will of course be blues dancing. If there is sufficient interest and someone brings music, we can set up a second dance floor for tango.

While we have some musicians and DJs lined up, more are always welcome, if you'd like to play, or DJ, please let me know. My friend Gypsy Jack is taking the lead for organizing live music and will be bringing a PA.

Directions and Parking
If you don't have directions, send an email to ask and I'll send you a link to my extensive, detailed, online directions. If you do know your way to the family estate, I ask that able bodied individuals park at the pullout 100m south of the Family Estate to leave the driveway open for the less able bodied, and those unloading large or heavy objects.

The pullout is already pretty full. It may be necesary to park up El Solyo road or on Hacienda.

Who will be there
Who will be at the party? Due to my many and varied interests, I have a very eclectic social circle. There will be geeks, dancers, racers, martial artists, musicians and all of the above. Hence the nexus book: which was started at a birthday party about ten years ago.

While children are not banned from the party, the house is somewhere between "not child friendly" and "downright child surly". It is between a highway and a cliff. Many of my toys are fragile, others are sharp and dangerous.
Troublesome children, of any age, and those who brought them, will be dealt with severely.

Who to Bring
Who can you bring? See above. Both about the the diversity of people expected, and misbehaving children.

What to Bring
What should you bring? Food and drink are always welcome. I encourage people to bring a small amount of something wonderful, rather than a large amount of something less than wonderful. I have a fair amount of cheap booze that was brought to previous soirees and pretty much ignored.

Good food, and creative food are appreciated. If many people express interest, I can fire up the milk shake press and we can make milkshakes, in which case, icecream, milk and yummy things to put in milkshakes are appreciated.

Crash Space
Crash space can be provided for those unwilling, unsafe or unable to get home. While some bedding is available, it's advisable for you to bring some if you're likely to need it.
Be aware that classes for Camp Blues will be resuming in the morning, so you will be urged on your way fairly early.

The road between the parking area and my house can be a bit dark, so its advisable to bring a flashlight. Also note that sometimes poison oak grows near to the trail, so a light can also help avoid that as well.

If you can offer rides to and from the party, please let me know.

Various permutations of the invitation are at:
Facebook: href=

Larry Colen
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