Party Food

At parties and potlucks, people generally buy, or bring, huge amounts of food-like substances. Chips and the like. After the party, there's usually enough crappy food-like stuff thrown away to feed a small village for a couple of days.

At my parties and potlucks I encourage people to bring smaller amounts of something really good. Something decadent. Something that you would be excited to find at a party.

At the Spicy and Exotic party, I'm encouraging people to bring something spicy and/or exotic to share. Mind you, one person's bland is another person's painfully hot. It's also nice to balance spicy food with less than spicy food.

However, if you have any recipies that you brought back from foreign lands, or something really tasty you invented, or don't see often, those would be good candidates.

After the potluck, or maybe even before, life's too short to wait for dessert, we'll be firing up the half horsepower milkshake machine, so bring milkshake makings: icecream, malt, fruit, milk, cream ..

If you want to dance, but don't know how, come to the dance class in the afternoon.

Jeff and Nissa Mohler won't be able to make it but their gas powered blender for making margaritas and other fru fru drinks will be here. Fru-fru drink supplies, bear a close resemblance to milkshake supplies, so if you bring them, we can make high or low octane goodies with them. Anybody wanna drive the daqueri whacker?

If you can tell me, and the other revellers, what you're bringing, I've got a page set up at: for food and such. Most recently modified by lrc at Thu Oct 07 09:37:37 PDT 2004