Revel Alliance July 26th 2003
- a celebration of DecAdeNCE

When: July 26th 2003 7PM - ???
7:30 - 9 :30 band plays
10:00 - ???? dj dance music, quieter than band as "noise curfew" is 10PM

Where: Larry Colen's house, Felton California
Band: The Rhythm Methodists, a blues/rock/dance band. We'll put out a tip jar, so please bring a little something to show your love and appreciation.
DJ: After the band plays, we will have DJ'd dance music: swing, rock, victorian...
Theme: DecAdeNCE people are encouraged to bring food, drink, clothes, toys, music .. whatever indulges the senses
Food:While this isn't going to be a dinner party, I try to have "real food" at my parties. People are encouraged to bring good food to share.
Drink: There will be alchoholic beverages at the party, however they will be a feature rather than a theme.
Kids: Not prohibited, not encouraged. The house is between a cliff and a highway. The inside is not at all childproofed. If you are a parent and want to coordinate with other parents to share watching kids, let me know and I'll put you in touch.
Friends: Yes, bring friends. Please don't advertise it on mailing lists without first asking me.
Race, dance , etc. videos: I hate parties where everyone ends up sitting around watching stuff on TV that they can watch at home. On the other hand, there will be people the party that have videos of them doing cool fun things that most people don't get to do, like racing, flying, putting on dance performances. If you'd like to show and narrate such a video, bring it along. I can play VHS, DVD and DV tape.
RSVPs: Are much appreciated. Please include number of people and probability that you'll make it -
Stay: Crashspace is available. If you can let me know ahead of that would be great. If you can bring bedding that would also be great. As always, I'd rather you crashed at my place than on the drive home.
Help: Help is always appreciated. Want to show off your talents as a DJ, dance teacher, cook, carpenter, massuese, dancer or whatever? Let me know.

More details at:

Phone:   831-335-7505                Address: 7522 hwy 9
email me for directions, Park at the pullout south of my house,
bring a flashlight
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