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If you need, or can offer rides to the party, let me know and I can put your contact info up on here.

Need rides:
Mountain View: Ruth Wood-Silva mailie@earthlink.net
Peninsula: Lynnette Viste lynnette@idiom.com

Rides offered:
You may want to check the Singles Motorcycle Club ride to my party that Flo is organizing. Melisse Leib liebschen64@yahoo.com is coming from Mountain View


From: "A. Spehr"

If any of these people with kids want a sitter in San Francisco and want to pay for childcare, I'd be willing to do it. That whole could use the money thing... Hey, I wouldn't even charge too much if need be. Maybe if they supply their own food or something.

I have two cats, non-toxic art supplies and kids games, toys, and books for various ages. We could have art projects and read books and stuff. If my roommate gets massive quantity of speaker wire, we might have the classic video games hooked up again. :> (Have to run it over the doorframe!)

Otherwise, I should figure out /where/ Felton IS...

My main complication is that I work on Sat 11-6, and then on Sunday 12-5. Any ideas? (My roommate got rid of his car...)

If you want to dj after the band, please let me know.

> Second question - how are you fixed for music/dj'ing for the
> party?


I've got my dance CDs, a couple people with dance dj experience have expressed interest: swing, victorian etc. I've got my CDs I just bought a $35 dvd/cd/mp3 player

People are welcome to bring their own music sources and collections.

Larry Colen

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