Revel Alliance Oct 18 2003

- a party Just Because

I'd write up one of my clever invitations describing all the cool things we'll be doing: Live band, belly dancing, gift-toss, good food and so forth, but I don't have the time and want to get the invitations out before the party starts.

I'm setting up an evite at

I even tried to set up a couple of evite questions to help people carpool to the party, so even if you aren't close to Felton, getting there could be easier than you expect.

Unless it's time critical (you're checking to see if there's anything we need, or you got lost coming here), please don't call me at the last moment. Email is just fine, I'll be checking it periodically during the day. If you call, then I have to stop whatever three tasks I'm juggling to answer the phone.

If you want to pick something up on the way, there are grocery stores in Felton (Safeway, New Leaf) and Scotts Valley (Safeway, Zanotto's, Nob Hill).

I'll also post the details at:

You can look at previous parties to get an idea of what it'll be like.

People are encouraged to participate rather than just showing up, that's what makes the Revel Alliance so much fun. Show off your cooking prowess by bringing something really yummy. If you want to dj, put on a dance performance, a magic show or whatever, let me know. Bring toys for the gift toss.

It would REALLY help if I could have some volunteers to help me during the party. There's a lot going on and I can't be everywhere at once.

I could use someone to help organize the food as people show up. I'll try to have some logical and obvious arrangement for food, but it always helps to have someone who just points people in the right direction.

I will also need some help with:
last minute food preparation.
Setting up lights
Possibly a couple of last minute runs to Safeway for Ice or suchlike
Maybe someone to give some basic dance lessons before the band starts, there will likely be some beginner dancers who'd like to learn.

We will be doing the traditional gift toss. Bring small toys, wrapped if you'd like. We will have a tub or basket to put the toys in. At about 9 PM the hordes will gather on the dancefloor and we will throw the gifts to them from the back porch.

The gift toss will be immediately followed by a belly dance performance.

On Sunday, I'll be taking people up to Boomeria for a potluck picnic and general fun and revelry. We'll leave from my house at 11:30, stopping at Safeway in Felton to get any last minute items for the picnic. We'll probably be there until 3 or 4. If you are a teacher you will want to meet Preston Boomer. He's a legendary teacher.

Preston Boomer teaches science at the high school I went to. 45+ years ago, he (or rather his students) started building a pipe organ. They also put in a resevoir (swimming pool) and water pumps as a fire system. There was no fire department nearby back then.

He let the students have water fights up there. And when they decided it would be more fun if they had something to attack/defend, he let them build towers, then a castle, then a series of tunnels.

It's his house, but he lets people come up and play.

The catacombs are the most fun if you go through them the first time in the dark. If that's too scary, then candles are a lot more fun than flashlights.

Preston Boomer is seriously anti-smoking. Do not smoke inside Boomeria

You may notice that I am not posting directions to Preston's house. He is very generous by letting people come up, but it is only considerate to do so in a controlled manner, with prearranged permission. If you want to go on the picnic, but absolutely cannot make it here in time to come up with the rest of us, send me email for directions.


As always, please keep my driveway open for people unloading, or for people with physical limitations and park in the pullout south of my house. If you'll be walking down to the pullout late at night, you may want to bring a flashlight.

Also, when you park in the pullout, please take care not to block my neighbors in.

There will be plenty of room (though maybe not much quiet) for people to sleep if they want to go to Boomeria, have been drinking, or just don't like to drive home on mountain roads at night. I do appreciate a heads-up if you'll be doing so however. It's also good if you can bring your own bedding.

Quick Links:
rides and baby sitting: do you need or can you offer a ride, do you have kid concerns, how about music? ...
Go to evite and fill out the responses.
The 35 Bus stops within 100 yards of my house, so getting here is easy.
directions : How to find your way here

When: Oct 18 2003 3:00PM - ???
Noon: Show up early, help with the final cleanup and food prep.
3:00 - 5:00 Party starts

We'll start the party at 3:00 PM with milkshakes. bring milkshake makings

5:00 - 6:00 Dancing lessons for those that want to learn
6:00 - 7:00 band plays
7:00 - 7:30 Belly dance performances by Desert Jasmine and others. (Not to be confused with
Afterward-- Gift Toss 7:30 - 9:XX More live Music After band - maybe a second gift toss, if more toys arrive.
10:00 - ???? dj dance music, quieter than band as "noise curfew" is 10PM
midnight? - Bonny Knees contest? Which guy at the party has the best legs? The judges will be blindfolded. If you want to compete, or judge, let me know. Kilts (or shorts) are strongly encouraged for the competition.

Where: Larry Colen 's house, Felton California

Who: I have a very eclectic group of friends: racers , dancers, mac dudes , aikidoka , science fiction fans , computer geeks , bikers ...

Band: The Rhythm Methodists , a blues/rock/ dance band. We'll put out a tip jar for them, so please bring a little something to show your love and appreciation. If you're a musician and will want to sit in with them contact Robert at

DJ: After the band plays, we will have DJ'd dance music swing, waltz, polka, blues, tango, requests ...
There are quite a few belly dancers that'll be showing up. ring your music, scarves, etc.

Floor: 20' x 20' outdoor dancefloor

Theme: sensual D ec A de NCE, people are encouraged to bring food, drink, clothes, toys, music and suchlike that indulge the senses


If anyone is up for a fun, last minute, technical challenge:
I have a drill press. It occurs to me that if we chuck up the proper blade from an electric mixer, and use a two liter pitcher, it would make one heck of an industrial strength milkshake machine. I just don't have the time to pull it all together right now....

Food : If you'll be showing up, let me know if you have any special dietary restrictions and I'll try to accomodate them.
I will probably make some chilli . Possibly one batch for carnivores and one batch for herbivores. It will probably be spicy enough to satisfy the chilli heads, and flavorful enough that spice wimps will eat it despite the pain.
While this isn't going to be a dinner party, people are encouraged to bring good food to share. Food that stimulates the senses. Food that is voluptuous . Whether it is a dessert or "real food". I'm firmly of the opinion that there is almost never enough "real food" at parties.

Drink: There will be alchoholic beverages at the party, however they will be a feature rather than a theme. The emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. Feel free to bring something to share, but it's better to bring a little of something good than a lot of something mediocre. Especially since I still have large quantities of mediocre liquore that people brought to previous parties, and I don't drink the stuff, though I do occasionally go for some good Single Malt whisky . I've got a fair amount of beer in the fridge, unfortunately it's mostly lighter stuff that people have brought for previous soirees rather than the darker, sweeter stuff that I prefer.

Kids: Not prohibited, not encouraged. The house is between a cliff down to the river and a highway . The inside is not at all childproofed. If you are a parent and want to coordinate with other parents to share watching kids, let me know and I'll put you in touch.

Friends: Yes, bring friends. Please don't advertise it on mailing lists without first asking me.

The Nexus Book: I will have my Nexus Book out at the party. If you have one, feel free to bring it as well. A Nexus book is basically a lowtech deadtree version of Friendster . Each page represents a different social group or interest and you sign your name under any subject that applies to you ( SCA , Science Fiction Conventions, 'B' geeks , etc. Someday I'll do it right

Race , dance , etc. videos : I hate parties where everyone ends up sitting around watching stuff on TV that they can watch at home. On the other hand, there will be people the party that have videos of them doing cool fun things that most people don't get to do, like racing, flying, putting on dance performances . If you'd like to show and narrate such a video, bring it along. I can play VHS, DVD and DV tape.

RSVPs: Are much appreciated. Please include number of people and probability that you'll make it -
I've set up an evite at Or you can email me at:
Also, if you're planning on bringing something, food, music, toys, or would like to perform or teach (music or dance), please let me know.

List: I have a yahoo group set up for announcing parties and discussing logistics, such as rides : or you can subscribe without web access by sending mail to:

Stay: Crashspace is available. If you can let me know ahead of time, that would be great. If you can bring bedding that would also be great. As always, I'd rather you crashed at my place than on the drive home.

Rideboard and Childcare : I've set up a rideboard for people who need, or can offer rides or childcare. I'm hacking it by hand, so let me know if you need or can offer a ride.

Help: Help is always appreciated. Want to show off your talents as a DJ, dance teacher, cook, carpenter, massuese, dancer or whatever? Let me know.

Titles available:
Monarch of food preparation and distribution
Assistant minister of food preparation and distribution
Archangel of cleanup
Keeper of the keys
Wizard of translocation
Elucidator of rhythmic motions
Orchestrator of the conversion of optical data to atmospheric compression and rarefaction
Creator of visual records, static.
(I've got some nice blue velvet curtains if any photobugs want to set up to take pictures of the other guests, it could be cool)
Creator of visual records, dynamic.
Parking: I try to keep the driveway clear for people who need to unload large objects or who have difficulty walking. Unless you are on a motorcycle, please park at the pullout south of my house. Bring a flashlight.

1. No discharging baszokas in the back yard.
2. No discharging nuclear weapons in the house.
3. No nudity in the front yard.
4. Check all weapons at the front door.
5. If you kill it, you eat it.
6. There is no rule #6.
7. Misbehaving children will be eaten.
8. Do not vomit on the furniture or the wildlife.
9. Do not park tanks in the redwood grove.
10. Do not drive any furniture in excess of 100 MPH.
11. Do not ride motorcycles in the hallway.

Email: URL:
Phone: 831-335-7505
Address: 7522 hwy 9
email me for directions
Park at the pullout south of my house,
bring a flashlight, the walk back to the pullout can be dark

Directions are at:

I've got pictures of the last couple hundred meters of the trip (driving north on hwy 9) at:

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