Several years ago, I wrote up a set of lecture notes to use while teaching performance driving. They seemed to really help my studentsso I gave a copy to the school director in case any of the otherinstructors would find them usefull. The next time I saw him, he asked me to turn them into a book, and the school would use it as atextbook. After years of review, revision and rewrite, they have evolved into their current form.

The thing that makes this book unique, among the myriad of books on driving and racing, is that it is meant to be used by real students, taking real driving schools, on real race tracks. I am not a world famous grand prix driver. I am a local racer, who goes out on a limited budget and does the best he can with whatever he can afford to race. My book doesn't cover how to get into racing, it doesn't discuss sponsorships, and I don't use it to brag about my racing exploits of twenty or thirty years ago.

This book covers the material that you will need to know to drive safely, at speed on a race course. I do my best to cover everything that you will need to know, and nothing that you won't.