It has been said "Racing is dangerous, it's made that way". The goal of this book is to help you minimize the risks in learning an inherently dangerous activity. Every car taken onto a race track runs the risk of being wadded up into so much scrap metal. Likewise, anyone at a race track is risking life and limb. Be aware of the risks.
Driving at a race track has its own level of danger, but it does not approach to the danger of driving at the limits of either the car or the driver on public roads. Worse yet, doing so on public roads endangers people who have not knowingly and voluntarily accepted the risk.
After mastering the techniques in this book, you will be a better and safer driver. However, the process of learning them will subject you to greater risk than that of normal driving on public roads. I cannot, and do not, accept any responsibility for any consequences of your attempt (successful or not) to learn and use the techniques discussed in this book.

Performance Driving , A Practical Introduction

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