Illustrations for PDaPI

These are thumbnails for the various illustrations I have for Performance Driving, a Practical Introductionaa. Click on the thumbnail for the full sized drawing. They are extremely crude and primitive. There's a reason that I don't have an MFA.

If you have suggestions of how they can be done better, please tell them to me. If you can do them better and are willing to donate your work to the project, so much the better.

[ 03_6_30_cars_forcesT.jpg ] Car going through turn w/forces and weight xfer
by W. Yu

This drawing shows the basic line, though the car is not in good scale
to the road or the line showing the late apex line. It would be
interesting to superimpose these car pictures on an aerial photo of a
real racetrack turn.
[ 03_6_30_carsT.jpg ] Car going through turn w/forces
by W. Yu
[ carcircsT.jpg ] Weight xfer on car at various points in turn
This would look better with the formula car
And these pictures could be used in various figures.
[ circleT.jpg ] Force vectors and the circle of friction
[ cover2T.jpg ] second cover [ cover3T.jpg ] third cover
[ cover4T.jpg ] fourth cover [ dblclsmlT.jpg ] Heel and toe stick figures
Can we do these with photos?
Can we do an mpeg of the process?
Even do photos by drawing rectangles
for the pedals on a sheet of butcher paper.
[ earlyT.jpg ] Early apex line
Can we do this with pics of car?
showing driver running out of road.
[ essflatT.jpg ] Taking two turns in sequence
Ugly artwork on line
Use aerial photos of some real cases?
[ heeltoeT.jpg ] Different foot positions for heel and toe
Do photos of heel and toe in different cars
and/or people with different sized feet.
[ hpinwcarT.jpg ] going through hairpin turn
showing weight xfer and accel
Do with better car pics
Use aerial photo of Turn 11 at SPIR?
[ latelineT.jpg ] late apex line
showing weight xfer and accel
Do with better car pics
[ lateT.jpg ] Very late apex line (no cars)
Not all of track used
Turn it around to show
getting back on line
Also first part of esses
[ mcrT.jpg ] Line of Maximum Constant Radius [ overundrT.jpg ] Over and understeer
[ passingT.jpg ] Getting back on line
Also the passing line
[ pwruostrT.jpg ] vector and weight xfer of
power understeer and power oversteer
Note arrows outside of circles
[ rtnocarT.jpg ] Late apex line
Picture w/o car
[ rtwcar0T.jpg ] Late apex line
stick figure cars, no text
[ searsallT.jpg ] Picture of old Sears Point
I want to do these with aerial photos
[ steer0T.jpg ] stick figure steering technique
Want to do with photos
different colored gloves?
Also do with mpegs
[ t0203T.jpg ] Turns 2&3 at SPIR [ t0306T.jpg ] Turns 3-6 at SPIR
[ t0708T.jpg ] Turns 7&8 at SPIR [ t0910T.jpg ] Turns 9 & 10 at SPIR
[ t09T.jpg ] Turn 9 at SPIR [ t1112T.jpg ] Turns 11 & 12 at SPIR
[ t1201T.jpg ] Turns 12 & 1 at SPIR [ uocarsT.jpg ] Pictures of cars in under and oversteer
Note arrow outside of circles.