notes on pdapi

I will want to renumber the sections and put anchors in to jump to each section from the TOC.

I will want to put each section in a different file.

I need a link to the glossary, it's not in "body.html".

How should I mark comments in the text? {{ comment }} ?

How do we deal with the various sections and hyper links to them?

I've had the criticism of words /expressions being used before they are defined.

Which ones? Should I look for the first use of every glossary word and define it?

Should I put the glossary at the beginning rather than the end?

Should I combine the glossary and an index. In addition to having links to the glossary terms in the body, have links back to where the terms are discussed from the glossary/index?

Watch out for ego issues. There are two things that every man does well, one of them is drive.

What about teaching women? Is there anything in general?

Don't pigeonhole anyone because of their gender, age, car etc. Be sensitive to their abilities and needs.

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