Thunderhill in a Miata down on power

These are my notes for Thunderhill in a Miata that is way down on power. I was turning similar times to the Supercharged MG.

(turns 1-5 are on the video I posted at

Turn 1: staying a couple feet off the outside to avoid the off camber at the entrance, a slight lift, then back on the gas. Full throttle somewhere near the apex, speed takes me out to the berm.

Turn 2: Slight tap of the brakes, downshift to 3 on the entrance. Back on the gas until speed exceeds grip, balance it there until just before the apex. then full throttle before the apex. Speed carries me out to the berm.

I've been experimenting with grabbing 4th then back to third, but I'm not on the revlimiter on the straight.

Turn 3, enter about a car width of the left side of the track, preferably braking after the hump. Go around the off camber part, hard on the gas (full throttle before the exit), to line up on the right going into 4.

Turn 4, a slight lift at turndown to get the car turned, back on the gas. A relatively early apex, so speed carries me most of the way across the track on the exit.

Turn 5, straight up the hill. I've started downshifting to 2nd going in. Turn at the two, back on the gas over the top. Right side of wheels near the right side of the track (preferably on the paved side) on the exit. Hard acceleration down the hill.

I normally go down the right side of the track, as the Rx7 video shows, trying to pass on the outside didn't work as well as I'd hoped.

Turn 6, a very light lift, not enough to slow the car down, just enough to shut up my chickenshit right foot, at turndown. Back on the gas, full throttle by apex.

Turn 8, stay a little off the berm because it's smoother. flat out through here. Look ahead through the turn.

Turn 9. Per Barry's advice, early light braking. Downshift to third (it almost feels as if leaving it in fourth would be faster). Back on gas when going over the top. Speed carries me to the berm on the right.

Turn 10. I'm braking a bit earlier than I really need, but the critical thing is to get on the gas before the apex, and accelerate out.

Turn 11,12,13. In slow, out fast. Get the car slowed down going in, go to second, get it turned, then get on the gas.

Turn 14. In slow, out fast. Apex late. Full throttle before apex. grab third at about the exit berm. Full throtttle.

Turn 15. Flat out, if speed carries me out there, I use the exit berm.

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