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Producing quality code takes a lot of work. Much of that work is the boring drudge work of making sure that everything is consistent, that the documentation is complete and up to date, or just reviewing the code for bugs.

Redforest Enterprises can help you produce a quality product. In addition to programming, we understand the quality process, and are willing to dig in and do the drudge work so that you can concentrate on the creative aspects of improving the functionality of your product, while we help improve the quality.

Redforest Enterprises offers a wide range of services:

Requirements and Specifications

One of the most crucial steps of any project is deciding what it is supposed to be. Very often a customer will ask for what they think is the solution to their problem, but further investigation as to the core problem will often yield a solution that not only works better, but is simpler and less expensive.


Time invested upfront in the design of a product, invariably pays off many times over in both the implementation and the testing phases. The art comes from being prepared for future enhancements without overly designing features that will never be implemented.


Our background in industrial embedded systems has taught me the importance of software that runs reliably, and which can recover from error conditions.

Our background working as a contractor, and at a lot of startups has taught me the importance of code that is well documented and easy to understand. We generally avoid using obscure features of the language except in cases when performance is critical lest they lead to errors when future programmers modify and maintain the code.

Software Cleanup And Review

Early in the life of a startup, expedience, just getting something that resembles a product, seems far more important than detailed documentation, or a consistent programming style. There are only a few programmers, and they are each responsible for their own software.

As the company grows, it pays the cost for these shortcuts. New employees have a hard time learning the codebase. Bugs get introduced, or missed, when someone changes from one formatting style to another, and the code is often brittle, or has unnecessary duplication.

Our Software Cleanup And Review service will clean up your codebase. It will make the source code more readable, and better documented. We will bring your design documents up to date, or create them if they don't exist. The result will be a code base that is easier to learn, easier to maintain, and which will most likely have several bugs found in the process.

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Software Quality Process

There are many things that go into writing reliable software. Perhaps the most important is that the quality process is actually used rather than shoved aside at the first scheduling crunch. We can help you taylor a quality process to your company's needs that will improve the product without getting in the way of productivity.


We have many years of experience teaching everything from basic programming, to performance driving.

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