Notes from Rob Wilson:

In the hook flip - Backflip with Bill & Heidi - Bill is bending over >WAY< too much. He needs to be much more verticle! - Hand on Heidi's butt isn't too bad - easier for Bill, slower and more awkward is all, but that verticality problem is gonna put her head on the floor. He needs to be upright with her passing over his arm with the arm held at his standard shoulder height until her feet are almost on the floor! Spotter! You should have been in there on that one! Whoever you were you were not nearly close enough for a lift that far off. I will look at it again - just to make sure, 'case I can't look at it and answer this mail but if there is no apology in the next message from me, consider yourself whopped!

Gary, you probably just didn't see it 'cause I know you have no ill intent - but both those lifts - the one where she held your hand and the second where she didn't were way too off -- low that is. I would have asked to you to be closer and have a hand ready to keep Heidi off the floor till Bill loses that twist in his back. Larry Colen
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