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Always practice with a spotter.

These notes are merely mnemonic and not instructional. They are meant to help people who already know the moves remember them. Kids, don't try this at home. If you are not already familiar with the moves, take a class, from a professional instructor who can teach the safe way of doing the moves.

from Tami & Scott

hold right hands
lean back
touch left hands on ground
pull each other back up

Step Over
Crosshand grab
rock step
Follow bends right leg and sits with left leg straight
Lead stps over and pulls follow up


Grab wrist in Texas Tommy
Rock, kick, down
Right hand over
spin clockwise


Can also be done in reverse direction


From Mia:

Floor Sweeper:

grab hands hand to wrist, right to right
right hands thumbs down

set up tension by walking around each other
When follower sits down, bend one leg
Don't let go, grip doesn't change
When follower sits down, gets feet off floor immediately

Lifter helps follower stand

Side Straddle:
Follower jumps up and locks legs around leaders waist
Nominally follower is on leaders right hip with feet on leader's
It helps if follower is "high" on leader
Follower slides left hand down leaders right arm
Leader lunges, bending left leg, keeping right straight
Extend "outer arms"


From Rob Wilson:

Death Drop:
spotter kneeling to left of lifter.
Leader holds with left palm down

hold is left to right, right to left
Leader left, follower right, hold wrist
Bring in to cuddle position

bodies at right angles

Follower's feet stay nearly in position
Follower leans across "belly to belly"

check in with each other, make eye contact
Leaders left and followers right hands go over follower's head
Follower unwinds, ends up with both arms stright

Cherry Drop:
rock, step, spin, down, lift, pose
Grab is crosshand right to right

spin so that followers hand is behind followers back

during spin the followers wrist will turn in leaders hand
follower must be careful not to elbow leader in face with right elbow
follower crouches for prep, doesn't put all of her weight on leader
leader may want to put left hand on follower's left waist
lift up follower placing followers back on leaders thigh

Get's best line if follower puts her hand "over her head" rather
than to the side on the "pose".

Show Cherry Drop:
Like the cherry drop, only more so.
Lift the flier up enough to support herself on the lifter's back with her right leg.
To the lifter it feels more like lifting the flier up and over, rather than just up.
It's important for the flier to flex abs and keep the right thigh tucked in tightly.

Shin Buster:
flier jump onto lifter's right thigh
flier's ankles almost up to lifters waist
flier's shins on lifter's thigh
lifter hold left hand low, palm to palm
flier keeps right arm fairly straight

flier jumps from lifter's right to lifter's left
flier uses both arms to push off
flier should land with feet behind, not standing straight up
lest momentum carry her over backwards
the flier can get a lot of air and should land toe, ball, heel, flex knees

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