Helicoptor/lindy flip/lamppost

-- Need an actual description of the move. --

Random notes:

Must do with proper timing: rock, step, down, up.
Base doesn't have to rock-step, can stay planted to lead flier into rock-step.
practice sequence: prep, flier comes in and base lifts her straight up.
180, same as prep but base turns 180 degrees, and sets flier down behind him.
Walk around, base stays bent over, catches the flier with his right arm and the flier walks around the base, with the base moving his right arm as he would during the lift.

The flier will go where the base points his hand on the "follow through". Don't point to the side, or the ground.
The bases job is to change the direction of the flier. Most of the flier's energy will come from the flier jumping straight up. The base can enhance the altitude by lifting with his legs during the lift.
Stand with feet front and back. Left foot forward, right foot back, supporting the lift.
Go down far enough that the left hand is low enough for the flier to hold weight on her right arm with it fairly straight.
Make sure to tuck the left arm into the right armpit.
When starting, bend at the waist (keeping the back fairly straight). As you improve can stand up straighter to get more elevation.
All lifting is done with the legs, not the arm.
Lifter keeps body low.

Flier's footwork is a skip step, don't bring both feet together for the jump.
Flier places her left hand on the bases shoulder close to the neck. Put the top of the shoulder into the webbing of the thumb, the thumb near the collar bone and the other fingers on the back of the shoulder.
The flier's job is to jump straight up. The base will take care of changing direction.
Focus on bases shoulder.
Flier will: 1- (rock) rock back on right. 2- (step) step forward on left. 3- (down) step forward on right. 4- (up) jump off of right foot, tucking left leg up as much as possible.
I had problems when I tried to cut the four beats down to three.

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