Shin Buster:
flier jump onto lifter's right thigh
flier's ankles almost up to lifters waist
flier's shins on lifter's thigh
lifter hold left hand low, palm to palm
flier keeps right arm fairly straight

flier jumps from lifter's right to lifter's left
flier uses both arms to push off
flier should land with feet behind, not standing straight up
lest momentum carry her over backwards
the flier can get a lot of air and should land toe, ball, heel, flex knees

Shin Buster:

(Spotter will be to the left of leader where the flyer will land after lift 2)

rock step, prep, lift1, lift2

From closed position with standard hand holds, base is stationary as he leads the flyer into a rock step

Prep - Flyer brings both feet together and jumps

Lift 1 - She lands on onto base's right thigh, her ankles almost up to his waist, her shins on his thigh. He holds left hand low, palm to palm. Flyer keeps right arm straight and maintains frame

Lift 2 - Base brings flyer from his right side towards his left. He brings left hand higher, though keeping it under the flyer at all times. He lifts up. Her momentum will naturally send her out. His right hand will release her. Throwing her out (as opposed to up) will not help give you enough air for dramatic effect.

The flyer uses legs and both arms to push up but will use her right arm more than left. It is critical that she keep her right arm straight and underneath her. No noodle arms! She lands with weight forward, not back, lest her momentum bring both dancers off balance. The flyer should land on her feet in this order - toe, ball, heel - and keep the landing quiet and soft which will be easier on her knees.

Style - By keeping her knees tucked underneath, the flyer gives the illusion of having achieved greater height. After lift 2, both hold the landing pose a few beats with respective free hands raised in the air. Both can do Big Apple moves (Crazy Legs, Tick Tock or Mess Around) until they and the music are ready for a swing out.

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