Notes from swingphonics, labor day 2001

Rye and Shira:
Cross hand into 8-wheel
(right hand on hip - back circle)
1,2, rock, step,
down on 3
4 and (rockstep)
5 hand over head
6-7,8 out from closed

Kevin and Maggie
Grip- paw not claw, keep thumb next to hand.
On compression, lead bend wrist back to push with skeleton.

follower with arms sort of up and bent
Lead cups hand behind elbow, rotates back and forth
this is a lead follow
Lead will then cross hand over to catch, absorb energy, like catching a water balloon.

Move 1
on 1 & 2 pull in
pass from right hand to left
pass hand from right to left, lead with body
then left to right
then into a spin
(This is similar to the turnstile move I learned from Tip and Holly at Camp Jitterbug in Seattle.

Mover 2
pull across into compression
push back so follower spins 180 clockwise
pull follower forward
at last moment, spin follower anti-clockwise

David & Kim
Do spins with supporting leg bent
Spin on ball of foot
loose foot starts out and comes in (conservation of angular momentum)

Styling of foot steps, do like a marionette, lifting from knee, like a cat.

6-count from side "rollowt"
start like tuck turn but hook her into counter clockwise
2 and 3, leaders turn
"free inside turn"

shoulder roll on left
forearm to forearm
follow through to left
follower and leader turn anti-clockwise Larry Colen
Copyright (C) 2001 Larry Colen