Track school photos

One of the nice things about teaching at a club run track school is the opportunity to drive a wide variety of vehicles on the racetrack.

This is Jasmine, my 1969 MGBGT. While the "sideways" line is not optimal for fast laptimes, it does make for a good photo.

This picture was taken my first day teaching performance driving. I am driving the '85 Honda Civic Wagon. My friend Jeff Zurschmeide is driving the Green VW bug and another of my students is in the Rx7. Of my four students that day, two went on to get racing licenses and one was already an SCCA corner worker.

Before Marek got his SCCA drivers license, he took the Spitfire out for a day with NASA, and was my student. Here is a picture of him following me through the Esses at Sears Point.

One day when I was teaching at Thunderhill my car broke and Robert Comargo let me drive his ITA Porsche 914.

Here I am driving yet another Honda Civic Wagon.

This is White Death, a Toyota Corolla that I owned for a while. It's best feature was that I only paid $400 for it and didn't care if I rolled it up into a little ball.

I had towed the Toyota to Thunderhill with my '78 Dodge 3/4 ton van. I suspected that the van was capapble of turning a faster laptime than the Corolla. I was right.

This picture was taken less than 12 hours after I bought this '71 Datsun 240 Z. If you want cheap speed, an early 240Z is an excellent means to obtain it. These cars are inexpensive and stupid fast.

While I do not have the courage to race motorcycles, I do enjoy taking my 1990 Suzuki GS500E out on racetracks at riding schools and open track days.

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Last Updated 1/10/98