Singapore Tales
by Larry Colen

Business took me to Singapore. First for a three week trip, now for a six month stay. The following stories are my travelogue and observations, both of my surroundings and my reactions.

Henry O. Farad in the city of SIN
Growing Pains
Living in SIN
Not just a meal ...
Sleepless in Singapore
Back in the saddle
Chow Baby
Lah and Order
Valentines Day
Qong Xi Fa Cai

Miss Sing Manners

The following are rants that I wrote for the newsgroup alt.peeves.
Henry O. Farad, International Spokehead

The following are pictures I took in south East Asia
pictures of ipoh
pictures of singapore etc.
pictures of Kuala Lumpor
pictures of bintan
pictures of asian cars
pictures of bikes
pictures from singapore

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