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A Scream of Power
Beach Blanket Beetguese


Let's Just Be Friends
Please note, these two poems were written for effect. While I did draw inspiration from my own emotional turmoil they do not accurately reflect my own views on the subject. Consider them an exercise of artistic license, as "I'm really depressed so I'll just sit around and mope" isn't a very interesting treatment of the subject.
The Answer

fortune file
speling lite(tm)

Some stories about my miatas:
(this page may not keep current with that one, so check there for updates)
Crosstraining : Taking a motorcycle trackschool on a 20 year old BM\W August 2003
First Time Out : First race and day on track with Miata
Season Opener : Norcal NASA 2004 Season opener
March Race First time on track with the SM suspension
In the dark My first time at Buttonwillow, with a 3 hour nighttime\ enduro
Back with the SCCA : My first race with the SCCA since 1995
Expensive Noise : Spec Miata practice day, July 6, 2004
Passable : Racing with a severely underpowered motor
Go Conquer Fourth : The racecar is finally competitive, time to \work on the driver.
Three hour "practice" enduro wekend Sherrie Schaeffer co-drove

Stories about my MG:
Jasmine has been entered in one race

but didn't quite make it the next year.
Supercharging Jasmine
Taking Jasmine to SCCA Drivers School

Stories of Foocar
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