Speling Lite

Introducing new Speling Lite!(tm). Tired of typing out all those silent leters? Try new Speling Lite!(tm) Used for yeers(tm) by Madison Avenue now you to can personalize your very own riting stile!

included in this special offer is both grammer lite(tm), specially developed for the internet, and its companion product MR. BIFFS VERY 0WN GRAMMER LITE!!!(TM). save wear and tear on those delicate shift keys by always riting in either lower or uper kase!

if you need to *REALLY* *IMPRESS* people, just insert some *FREE* stars for that extra emphasis that your words deserve. also included in this value packed package is a gross of smileys to use incase people are to lame to know your joking :)

Last modified 07/10/98

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