Burn and loot, maim and kill
those give me
my biggest thrill.

Hack with sword, stab with spear
see their terror
smell their fear.

The dead bodies pile so high
they're so quiet
the live ones cry.

We burn the town to the ground.
The victims screams
are a lovely sound.

We come like the wind and go the same way
we'll ruin your life
in a single day.

Smell the smoke, hear the screams,
blood runs down the streets
in bright red streams.

I get my strength from berserker rage
so I can do my job
and collect my wage.

See the bride who was just wed,
just like the groom,
she'll soon be dead.

Hear the women wail in strife
I'll take the redhead
then take her life.

I killed your mother and your father,
I'd kill you
but it's too much bother.

Burn the fields, kill the cattle
then back for more
joy of battle.

What's your problem? Can't you see?
I'm just a viking,
on a shopping spree.

Last modified 06/22/98

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