The Answer

Death is the answer,
Death is the key,
Death is the way,
To set myself free.

My house is so empty,
My cupboards are bare,
My bed is so lonely,
Does no one still care?.

Pain in the daytime,
Pain in the niht,
Pain's all that I feel,
Except for my friht.

Nobody to cuddle,
Nobody to hold,
Nobody will listen,
When my story's been told.

Afraid of the darkness,
Afraid of the cold,
Afraid of a lifetime,
with no one to hold.

Mutilate my body,
Mutilate my mind,
Mutilate my emotions,
With whatever I find.

No family to love me,
No girlfriend, no wife,
No body will notice,
When I've taken my life.

Words on the paper,
Words on the breeze,
Words loose their meaning,
Like trees lose their leaves.

Death is forever,
Death is a friend,
Death is there waiting,
for my torment to end.

Last modified 01/23/99

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