LJBF by Larry Colen

I've tried to be a friend
and keep my feelings still,
but the love I have won't listen
to what I ought to feel.

You said good bye to the dancer
but the gypsy seeks your heart.
Keeping my peace is not the answer,
I have to say my part

No one elses loving
and no one elses charms
comes close to the feeling
of holding you in my arms.

I don't want to make you feel ackward,
or ever cause you pain,
but I can't stand by and lose your love
when there is all the world to gain.

All the months I've known you,
I've loved you more each day,
But because your friendship's dear to me,
I've never had my say.

A single poem won't make you love me,
I realize that it's true,
but ere you're pledged to another,
there's one boon I ask of you.

You asked me not to court you,
you had a reason why,
The only thing I ask for,
is the chance to try.

Last modified 07/10/98

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