Fritz asked himself "What should I wear tonight?" as he settled into the easy chair in his living room and jacked the fiber-optic cable into the base of his skull. With the connection made a room appeared around him, empty save for a mirror on the wall. "I'll start with myself" and the image of a man in his late twenties appeared in the mirror. He changed his hair to shoulder length. "Hmm, too boring." A rich maroon suit appeared on him, then turned into a tuxedo. "Almost, but not quite." He thought for a minute and his skin turned a deep Prussian blue that com- plemented the suit nicely. A second later, his hair turned pure white, the ends glowing like a fiber optic bundle. He added the same effect to the tips of his fingernails and a slight luminosi- ty behind the irises of his eyes. "Very nice," he thought to himself, "Striking but not gaudy,"

Now that he was dressed for the party, Fritz created a door that led from his "room" to the "room" in cyberspace where the ball was being held.

It was the ballroom of a crystal palace. There was no ceiling. The walls were implied by crystal columns, rising without end to infinity. The sky showed the stars of earth as they would appear undiminished by atmosphere. A giant silver sphere hung suspended above the ballroom, orbited by five smaller glowing spheres.

Most of the people at the party wore anthropomorphic shapes with the standard variations, elves, satyrs, vampires, mythic barbar- ians, shining silver robots. There were of course those that preferred to take on a nonhuman form, a couple of dragons, uni- corns and pegasii of all different colors even a few glowing gaseous clouds. Fritz did a quick check, of the 217 people logged into the party there were even twenty-three lurkers, who watched but didn't make their presence known.

Scanning his list of those present, Fritz realized that his neighbor Sheila was in the second column on his left. He wlked over to it, "Someone as lovely as you shouldn't need to hide".

A woman of smoky clear obsidian stepped from the crystal column. "I was wondering when you'd find me".

Fritz took her hand, and with a deep bow and great flourish kissed it. Where they touched, he could see colors glowing on her skin. "Nice effect, I like how I can even see the glow through the body."

"Thanks," she said. "I decided to try something new and go the mood ring one better. I cross connected the tactile input to the visual image, so you can literally see what I feel".

"I think that it is smashing, Shall we dance?"

"I'd love to, but not this music. How about a waltz?" And for them the music was replaced by "Also Sprach Zarathustra."

He took her in his arms and they waltzed across the floor. As they danced, he made the crystal palace, and its inhabitants fade

away, to be replaced by the glowing points of fire embedded in the black velvet of space. "And so life virtually imitates art," he said as they danced through space, the blue, brown and white orb of the earth beneath their feet.

As the music faded away, so did the scene of space. In their stead appeared a mountain pool at the base of a hundred-foot waterfall. As they stood there, on the grassy banks of their own private reality, he put his arm around her. "I always did like this place of yours. I remember the first time you brought me here."

"So do I" she said, and looked up at him.

He bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. As he did, he saw a flush of heat dance over the surface of her obsidian body. Putting his other arm around her, he held her tightly. The second kiss had lost all pretense of tentativeness. "Show me how you did the effect with the body."

First his clothes melted away. Then his body turned to smokey glass like hers. She ran a finger down the crevice of his chest. A rainbow of sensation followed her finger down. "Nice effect," he said.

"Even nicer" she replied, glancing down at his glowing erection.

He picked her up in his arms and laid her down in the grass. "Two can play at that game." He gently massaged her right nipple between his thumb and forefinger. He watched the rainbows of color follow his finger as he traced circles around her nipples. He sucked her left nipple into his mouth, and watched the colors dance as he blew it dry with his breath.

Massaging a breast in each hand, he kissed her chest between her breasts. Seeing the glowing red lip marks, he kissed her again just below them. And again. Each one glowing more brightly than the last. As the path of his kisses crossed her navel, her skin was beginning to glow a deep red. When his kisses had nearly reached her crotch, the entire area was glowing a reddish orange, with each kiss leaving a spot of bright orange that gradually faded to the slightly dimmer glow of the surrounding skin.

Fritz looked down and saw that the tip of his penis was also glowing well into the orange, fading into a deeper red glow over his entire groin area. Sheila repositioned herself so that they could 69. She took his penis into her mouth and let it slide back out from between her lips. His entire penis glowed bright orange, then the glow faded at the base, leaving the tip bright.

Fritz started lightly stroking around the entrance to Sheila's vagina. He could see the skin brighten in response to his touch- es. By touching in different places he could control the bright- ness of the glow. Using the glow as a guide, he stroked and fondled to the best effect. After a few minutes he noticed that Sheila's chest began to glow as well. As she came, ripples of color washed over her body from her chest and crotch.

When the orgasms started to subside, Fritz brought himself ar- ound, spread Sheila's legs and entered her. He could see the glowing of his penis through her.

When he looked up, he saw that Sheila had changed their locale. They were now floating weightlessly in space. He then realized that the stars were also reflecting their sensations. There was no pattern, some reflected his, some hers. As they built up to the verge of orgasm, waves of colored fire washed over their obsidian bodies, mirrored in the stars.

Fritz felt the orgasm building within him. He saw the glow starting to spread across his own body. Sheila slowed her mo- tions, by watching the glow on his skin, and in the stars she kept him right on the edge of a fathomless abyss. Reaching down, rubbing her clitoris he matched the dancing colors of her skin to his own. When he could stand it no longer, he held her tight in his arms and kissed her as the heavens exploded in pyrotechnic display around them.

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