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Welcome to my obhomepage. I think that you will find it a classic example of what happens when hypertext grows up without supervision.

At 6:30 AM PST on Dec 29 2004 my father passed away. We've set up a homepage for his memory at

Blatant plea for money
or rather: Excellent sponsorship Opportunity

I race a spec miata. Spec Miata is a class with a restrictive set of rules which keeps the costs relatively inexpensive. I'm planning on running my Spec Miata in a 25 hour enduro in December, with a couple of shorter ( 3 & 4 hour ) enduros for the team to practice working together, before the big race. Last year, the race was covered in just about every major automotive magazine. If you've ever been interested in sponsoring a racecar, this will be an excellent, and relatively inexpensive opportunity to get your company name on a car, in and exciting race, in front of a large audience.

In addition, I'd be happy to bring my racecar to your place of business, or put on a lecture on driving for your employees, or customers. I've been teaching performance driving for 14 years, and have even written a textbook on the subject.

For more details about the enduro.

You may still be able to Buy a Team T-Shirt

I'm unemployed, check out my resume and offer me a job in or near Santa Cruz doing fun things for lots of money.

On a more serious note, I am planning on taking some time to work on professional development, fix the house, and think about what I want to be when I grow up. My primary professional interests at the moment seem to be low level systems programming, security, and maybe racecar telemetry or engine control. I'd really prefer to work closer to my home in Felton than I have for most of the past 11 years, but that can be a trade-off versus interesting work. I'm also open to contracts, especially contracts in interesting places that I've never lived, or maybe even been to.

Santa Cruz Area Race Enthusiasts
Meetings the last Tuesday of the month, 7PM until we get tired of talking.

I just drank the Kool-aid and bought a powerbook g4. Learning to use it is proving interesting

I built a Pan Galactic Ghetto Blaster so I could put on dances most anyplace, including my new outdoor dance floor .

Vaio Diva: Linux on a Vaio PCG FX190

Garagepage for my Spec Miata.

My Professional History page: Including A HTML version of my resume , where I go into more detail about various projects that I've worked on, what I look for in a job, interview quiz questions (and answers ) and an exposition that I wrote discussing various techniques for writing software in such a way that it can be easily debugged and maintained.

Fun Stuff including pictures of race cars , trackschools: , stories of my trip to South East Asia, stuff I've written , links to pictures , and some just plain weird stuff.

Dance Links

I used to instigate thurials a Thursday night aerials and swing dance practice.

Here's a wishlist because people always complain about not knowing what I want, but don't have.

Stories and other things that I've written.

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