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Welcome to my obhomepage. It is a classic example of what happens when hypertext grows up without supervision. My website has not been designed, it has just accreted material over the years.When the entry page gets too messy I will shove the old one aside, and replace it with another one that'll be a little cleaner until, it too, has collected too much stuff. Since I seriously dislike websites that are slow to load, have crap moving around, use frames or anything like flash or pdf, I try to keep this simple. Unless your goal is to look at pictures, you should be able to use any browser, including lynx, or even wget, or telnet, if you're geeky enough.


I've recently started posting pictures on flickr.
I suggest that you start with my collection of favorites.


Recipes: Some of my notes on cooking.
Stories: A few things that I've written
Singtales: Letters home on my trip to Southeast Asia
Dad: When my father died, we set up this website in his memory
wishlist because people always complain about not knowing what I want, but don't have.

Computers and Career:

Writing Debuggable Software: Programming hints.
Vaio Diva: Linux on a Vaio PCG FX190
g4est: Learning to use a Mac.
quiz Some quiz questions for interviewing.
Answers to the quiz.
My Professional History page, in HTML

My resume in other formats:

My resume formatted for printing:
MSWord format + rich text format + Staroffice format + pdf format
My reusme formatted for email: ASCII (text) format


Dance Links
Pan Galactic Ghetto Blaster
My dance floor .
Feltondance My yahoo group for dances and related.


My Spec Miata.
My 1969 MGBGT
Performance Driving, a Practical Introduction: My book.
Sprites: Pictures of my Austin Healey Sprites and Donald Healey
Rod and Spanner Racing: Yahoo group for my race team.
25 hour enduro
race car pictures
trackschool pictures:
Buy a Rod and Spanner Team T-Shirt


weird stuff
Hexadecimal Slide Rule.
Yahoo group for Clan Macdude
Clan MacDude
If I knew then Stuff I wish people had told me years ago.
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